Clinquest is a Product Development Organization and a Specialty Contract and Service Provider that specializes in providing the following services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and early-stage start-up companies.

Our Pharmacovigilance Team provides clients with Pre- and Post-marketing Drug and Device Safety Services.  Clinquest also provides Medical Information Services.

In addition to providing up-to-date Clinical Trial Implementation services, our staff thrives on innovation and the opportunity to manage new, high-risk or orphan programs.

Our Drug Development Consulting Team helps our clients develop research and development strategies that advance their programs as rapidly as possible. With broad expertise, our Preclinical R&D team together with our alliances provide services that cover all aspects of the preclinical phase of development, from the initial scientific evaluation of candidate compounds and selection of clinical indications through planning and support of product manufacturing.

Clinquest's experienced team consists of innovative and creative professionals who enjoy working on the cutting-edge of the healthcare product development industry. We are an adaptive organization and we are looking for dedicated professionals at all levels of experience to help build internal systems and support our growth. If you are interested in developing breakthrough healthcare products that will improve treatments in a variety of disease settings and share the same dedication and passion for achievement that our employees have, please contact us. 

We know that our success rests on the skills of our highly knowledgeable professionals; therefore, we are always interested in hiring the best, brightest and most qualified individuals.

Our core values guide our actions toward our employees and our customers and create the exciting spirit of our work environment. Our values – passion, stewardship, and reverence - permeate our hiring decisions, our daily business relationships, and our technical execution. We are committed to our vision and to Fulfilling the Promise of Medicine Together.