The IRT (IVRS/IWRS) department of Clinquest that specializes in developing and implementing clinical IVR and IWR solutions has more than 15 years experience and has worked on over a 100 studies. Our system has been applied in different developmental stages and studies varying in size from 25 subjects to 5000 subjects. Its solutions are practical, intuitive and easy to use. They can be fully integrated and serve as a complete and reliable source for any clinical trial technology requirements. From simple standard solutions to very complex adaptive designs.

The IRT (IVRS/IWRS) system has been set up in close collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry and meets all requirements for such a system. The system can be used through a web interface as well as a voice interface; both multilingual to improve user friendliness and limit incorrect interpretation.

It features extensive functions for screening, randomizing, registration of follow-up visits (with or without drug dispensing) and/or retrieving a subject’s treatment. In addition, the system has ample possibilities for supply chain management allowing optimal allocation of resources and medication tracking.

Your IRT project will be available for user acceptance testing in 4 to 6 weeks through the parameter driven setup of the system and our dedicated in-house development team.