Pharmacovigilance Training and Mentoring Program

Clinquest is committed to drug and device safety, and is dedicated to the continual education of our Pharmacovigilance team members involved in collecting, processing and analyzing this data.

  • Comprehensive proprietary Pharmacovigilance Training Program (Not an overview) provides our team members with the required competencies to effectively perform Pharmacovigilance “best practice” services for all types of pharmaceutical, biologic, medical device and nutritional supplement companies
  • Upon successful completion of the program, our team members are:
    • Informed of the environment in which the pharmaceutical industry operates and the current trends and business issues
    • Knowledgeable about the relevant regulations and codes of Pharmacovigilance practice
    • Aware of basic drug, biologic, and medical device safety information management, including different media and methods for retrieval and analysis of safety and pharmaceutical information
    • Adept in the processing of clinical and post-market pharmacovigilance adverse event reports
    • Competent in the collection and data entry of safety information and provisions of the required regulatory reports
    • Able to provide safety information and reports to clients or the FDA/EMA in this regulated environment

The Pharmacovigilance Training Program is an extensive, practicable, hands-on training program with a substantial mentoring component. The multi-disciplinary program is designed to teach a variety of Pharmacovigilance subjects daily, using a “building” approach. Each subject or “module” provides the basic building blocks at the beginning of the module, and gradually builds on the knowledge gained each day. Team members are integrated into projects after completing the Program and immediately become valuable contributors.