Medical Information

Medical Information provides the link between your product and the customers and healthcare providers. Clinquest’s Medical Information team is integrated with the Pharmacovigilance group and also with your Quality Assurance and Marketing programs. The Medical Information team manages the Call Center and provides responses to inquiries, and intakes complaints and safety events. It is the Medical Information team’s responsibility to act as a liaison between the client and the consumer/Healthcare Professional, and to manage the correspondence and follow-through for each report. Medical Information can supply peer-to-peer communication to healthcare providers or specific information to users of your products.

Core activities for Medical Information:

  • Medical (Healthcare Professional) Inquiries
  • Product Information Line
  • Product Complaints
  • Adverse Event reporting
  • Activity Reports, as scheduled or requested by client
  • Audit support activities

Clinquest’s Medical Information department provides outstanding combined call center and Pharmacovigilance triage services to meet our clients’ needs.

  • Dedicated Call Center
    • Toll-Free telephone number
    • Email account for receipt of information & follow-up and client & consumer/Health Care Professional correspondence
  • Initial Call Triage
    • Medical Information/Inquiries
    • Adverse Event Data Entry
    • Administration Errors
    • Overdose
    • Lack of Effect
    • Correspondence Management
  • Intake and Handling of Product and Quality Control Complaints
    • Packaging
    • Expiration
    • Quality Defects
  • Response Generation and Provision of Peer-to-Peer Responses
    • Medical inquiries from consumers
    • Medical inquiries from health professionals
    • Standard letters
  • Scientifically balanced, customized responses to specific queries from regulatory authorities and health professionals
  • Weekly or monthly Literature Reviews
  • Querying Medical Information/Safety database for case data and historical review

Clinquest’s staff reliably manages the receipt of potential Adverse Events/Adverse Device Events (AEs/ADEs), product complaints, consumer and healthcare professional inquires, and consumer and healthcare professional reports for our clients. We document all cases and conduct follow-up as necessary, depending upon the nature of the contact, and maintain all medical information communications (preserving consumer confidentiality).